March Town Council Meeting

The March Town Council meeting was held on March 18th, some of the items we discussed were: Dump Truck Project: Terry reported that the dump truck project continues to move along, the engine is being installed and is expected to be completed by the next… Continue reading

February Town Council Meeting

The Town held the February Town Council Meeting on February 18th, it was a short meeting because there was very little to discuss for this month. Some of the items we discussed were: Sewer Project: Town Council voted to approve documents to allow our engineers… Continue reading

January Town Council Meeting

Mayor’s Notes from the meeting: Sewer Treatment Plant Upgrade: Town Manager Terry Tilley reported that a follow up meeting was held with our engineering firm to verify all components needed for our reduced Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) that we have been working on since last… Continue reading

December Town Council Meeteing

PUBLIC HEARING A public hearing was held on a decision to grant a zoning variance to Blue Ridge Nursing Home in order to develop a spur to the Mayo River Rail Trail on their property.  The Town’s Planning Committee recommended to the Town Council that a zoning… Continue reading