November Town Council Meeting

The November Town Council Meeting was held on Wednesday November 15, 2017.

The Boyscout’s and Webelo’s from Troop 69 came to the council meeting in order to work towards their communications badge. The Mayor and Council welcomed the boys, their leaders, and parents and continued with the meeting.

Terry Tilley reported that the plans for the Fire Department building renovation is still with USDA and once approved by them we will be able to move to the bidding process.

No word yet on the Sewer plant upgrade plans.

Chris Corbett reported that the Hospital is still looking for a potential buyer. They have looked at a couple of possibilities but none have proven to be viable. If a buyer is not found soon the hospital will go into foreclosure and what happens to the building next is anyone’s guess. The Town will continue to do what it can to help the hospital and keep the Town utilities functioning until the end of the year at which time we will reevaluate the situation and make a decision on what to do from there.

Tilley reported that the dump truck rear axle problem mentioned at last months meeting was found to be a minor problem and has been repaired. The truck is working as it should.

No further discussion was initiated and a motion was made to pay the bills, all council members that were present voted in favor to pay the bills. The meeting was then adjourned with a unanimous vote.

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