November Council Meeting

A public hearing was held to discuss the purchase of the Food Lion building for the Fire Department. Chris Corbett explained the financing required in order for the purchase to take place. Council member Dean Goad said that he thought that the Town should buy the building outright and avoid the interest charges others argued that the Town would have to pull from not only the general fund but also the water, sewer, and garbage funds to pay for the building. Using money from other funds to pay for the building is not allowed, we would have to use only our general fund but, that would deplete the general fund to an unacceptable level.
There were no comments from the public. The hearing was then concluded and a vote was called. The council vote was 2 for and 2 against the financing of the Food Lion building (Mac Deekens was absent) the Mayor cast the tie breaking vote in favor of financing and the motion was carried.
UPDATE: Due to requirements for the financing of this large amount of money a simple majority vote is not enough to go forward with the financing of the Food Lion building so a special meeting has been called for Monday November 28th at 7:00pm. A total of 4 votes is needed counting the Mayor. The Town Council will vote again on this measure.

Terry Tilley said the caboose for the rail trail should be arriving on the 28th of November. He has already prepped an area for the tracks and caboose to be set.

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