April Town Council Meeting

The Town Council had their April meeting on April 19, 2017 in the Town Office. The Town’s 2017 – 2018 budget proposal was discussed by the Town Council. The proposed budget does not contain any tax increases or additional utilities increases. (Automatic utilities increases were… Continue reading

March Town Council Meeting

During the March Town Council meeting the budget committee was selected and the following members were placed on the committee: Mayor Ray Weil and , Vice Mayor Rebecca Adcock, Terry Dalton, Dean Goad, and Mac Deekens. Terry Tilley, Susan Slate, and Walter Miller will also… Continue reading

February 2017 Town Council Meeting

The Town Council was addressed by Ms. Lisa Martin of the Reynolds Homestead to discuss the possibility of painting murals in the Town of Stuart. More specifically, the retaining wall that runs along Main street in front of the old Alex and er’s building. Vice… Continue reading

January 2017 Town Council Meeting

Wayne Kirkpatrick addressed the Town Council indicating that the Patrick County Farm Bureau has offered to put together an informative video for visitors to watch inside the Town’s “new” caboose. The caboose commemorates the Danville & Western, or “Dick & Willie” railroad line that once… Continue reading