May Town Council Meeting

Budget Is Approved!

  • The Town Council held a public hearing on the proposed 2014 – 2015 Town budget, during the hearing there were no comments from the public.  The Town Council voted to approve the budget following the public hearing.  The budget included NO increases of utilities fees, taxes, or increases in any of the Town’s current revenue streams. 
  • The budget did include step adjustments to all Town employees.  The increase will be an average of 4% overall with no employee receiving less than a 3% raise.  The raises are based on how the Town employee pay rates compare to other Towns in the area that may be considered on equal or near equal footing economically with Stuart.  Many of our employees were found to be behind in terms of pay for equal or similar type jobs.  This raise is an attempt to get our employees closer to average in pay rate for those jobs.
  • Last year’s budget was $1,562,300  The approved budget is $1,580,800 which is an overall increase of $18,500.  There is also a $50,000 set aside fund to be used for the Sewer Plant upgrades or the Fire Department project or split between the two projects.  This increase was made possible by cost savings by our Town Manager and Town employees.  Good  Job Terry & Susan, and All!

In other news our “new” bucket truck is working well and Terry seems to be pleased with it. 

The west end waterline project is now underway.  Progress is slow due to very rocky conditions.

The Sewer Plant upgrades are currently being designed by our engineers and should be in draft form for review soon.

The Fire Department project is moving along, Terry and others have been cleaning up the lot and the powerlines are in the process of being moved.  We have had meetings with the engineering firm and they are moving forward with the beginning phase of the design work.

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