May Town Council Meeting

The Town Council had the May meeting on May 17, 2017 in the Town Office.

A public hearing was conducted to discuss the Town’s 2017 – 2018 budget proposal. There were no comments from the public so the hearing was closed and the Town Council voted unanimously to approve the budget. The approved budget does not contain any tax increases or additional utilities increases. (Automatic utilities increases were voted on 2 years ago and will remain in effect through 2019). The budget does include a 3% pay increase for town employees. The total Budget is $1,715,000.00 which is an increase of $20,500.00 over last year’s budget of $1,694,500.00. Our budget surplus mentioned in last months meeting was greatly reduced once our health insurance bill came in at more than 15% higher than last year. The insurance increase reduced our surplus by more than half, the remainder of the surplus will be used for the sewer plant upgrade.

The budget surplus was created by the hard work and diligence of Town Manager Terry Tilley, Treasurer Susan Slate, and our water and sewer plant operators. They all deserve praise for saving money everywhere possible in preparation for our big projects ahead.

The Fire Department project floor plan drawings are complete with a general floor plan that has been agreed upon by the Fire department committee. There will be a meeting with the Lane Group engineers on Friday May 19th to make final preparations for the engineering drawings for the relocation of fire sprinklers, air conditioning ductwork, electrical, plumbing, etc. will now be produced by our engineering firm and then we should be ready to put it out for bids.

Dean Goad was concerned that some utilities bills were very delinquent and not being paid down in a timely manner. After much discussion it was decided that those with delinquent bills would receive a letter that would indicate that they would have four months to achieve a zero balance or face having their water turned off. A motion was made to go ahead with the planned letter for delinquent accounts and was approved unanimously.

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