June Town Council Meeting

We had a very quick meeting for our June Town Council Meeting, there were just a few items to be discussed…

The west end waterline project is continuing along.  Terry reported that approximately 900 feet of 2,800 total feet of the line has been installed.  Progress is slow due to very rocky conditions.  We have three places where the waterline must cross roadways and we expect to be drilling under the road as opposed to digging across the road.

The Sewer Plant upgrades are currently being designed by our engineers.  Ed Turner of the Lane Group Engineering firm reported that we should expect the preliminary engineering report (PER) to be completed by the end of June.  Once the PER is complete it can be submitted to funding agencies in Richmond. 

The Fire Department project is moving along, Terry and others have been cleaning up the lot and the power lines are in the process of being moved.  The new power poles have been set and are ready to install the new wires.  We have had meetings with the engineering firm and they are moving forward with the beginning phase of the design work.  We are all looking forward to seeing the first drawings.

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