June Town Council Meeting

The Town Council had the June meeting on June 21, 2017 in the Town Office.

The Fire Department project was discussed and some initial estimates concerning electrical and A/C units were higher than expected. The Lane engineers are working on more cost effective means of cooling and heating the FD offices and will be presented at a later date.

A motion was made that the delinquent utilities bills end date be changed from October 8th to October 9th since the 8th falls on a Sunday. The motion was passed. This was a carry over from last months meeting where delinquent utilities bills were to be paid down to zero by 5pm on October 9th or have water service cut off.

Eddie Turner addressed the Council and said that he expects the Lane Group to have completed engineering plans for the sewer plant project by the first week of August.

A sandblasting company from NC has been hired by the Mayor to sandblast the Town's caboose in preparation for Jerry Wilson to paint. At least six sandblasting companies were contacted and only 3 looked at the caboose of those 3 only two gave estimates. The price of $3,000 (low bidder) for the caboose and an additional $250 for the "train wagon" will be the price of the sandblasting in preparation for paint. The Mayor was given the authority by Council to hire a sandblaster not to exceed $6,500 during last months meeting. Jerry Wilson will provide the labor but not the paint. The paint is expected to be covered by donations to be gathered at a later date.

Finally a motion was made to open four certificates of deposit at Carter Bank and Trust for 18 months each. $20,000 for the sanitation fund, $100,000 for the general fund, and $40,000 each for the water and sewer funds. The total of all 4 CDs will be $200,000.

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