July Town Council Meeting

The west end waterline project is continuing along.  Terry reported that the three places where the waterline must cross roadways have been drilled under the roads and the pipes have been put in place. There are still several areas that the new pipe must be installed in order to tie the entire west end waterline project together.  The new six inch diameter pipe is replacing old 2 inch diameter pipe that has been leaking.  Once the project is complete the six inch pipe will be able to provide fire flow to the areas west of town including those areas heading west along the highway 8 and 58 corridor.

The Sewer Plant upgrades are currently being designed by our engineers.  The Lane Group Engineering firm reported that we should expect the preliminary engineering report (PER) to be completed soon.  Additional communication with Kevin Heath of the Lane Group following our Town Council meeting was conducted over the phone and Kevin assured me that the PER would be completed within two weeks.  Once the PER is complete it can be submitted to funding agencies in Richmond. 

The Fire Department project is moving along, Terry and others have been cleaning up the lot and the power lines are in the process of being moved.  The new power poles have been set and are ready to install the new wires.  We have scheduled our next meeting in early August with the engineering firm so that they can continue moving forward with the next phase of the design work.  We are all looking forward to seeing the first drawings.

 Finally, following several complaints over the last couple weeks about roosters crowing at all hours of the day and night, the town council decided to clarify the Town’s ordinance concerning the ownership of barnyard animals. The existing ordinance language is not as specific as it could be and so the council has tasked our town attorney to revise the ordinance to restrict the ownership of certain animals that can disturb the peace in the town.  The initial animals to be restricted are roosters, guineas, and peacocks.  The Council felt that these would be the most likely group that could keep residents of the town from sleeping whether they work the day shift or night shift.  Several people in town were being awakened at all hours by one or more roosters in town limits and were just asking for some relief.

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