July Town Council Meeting

The Town Council had the July meeting on July 19, 2017 in the Town Office.

Terry Tilly told the Council that the Lane Group is still on track to have completed engineering plans for the sewer plant project by the first week of August.

The sandblasting of the caboose has been completed and Jerry Wilson is still working on the painting of the caboose exterior. The painting of the exterior should be completed within the next few weeks. Hopefully we will find a good letter painter for the D&W graphic.

The Fire Department project includes a rental space of about 5,000 square feet and a serious potential renter has been identified. The rental portion of the refurbishing of the Food Lion building is expected to require approximately $170,000 to be paid by the renter in addition to the base rent. The pay back of the $170,000 would be spread out over a 7 year period. The rental space will be a big help to the Town and Fire Department by helping to cover the building mortgage and operating costs over the long haul. Putting this rental space and agreement together has been a group effort of Chris Corbett, Fire Chief Buddy Dollarhite, Terry Tilley and the Mayor. Chris has been working hard on putting together a lease agreement that all parties are happy with, so a big thank you to Chris Corbett for negotiating the lease. Hopefully it will be a signed lease in the near future.

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