January 2017 Town Council Meeting

Wayne Kirkpatrick addressed the Town Council indicating that the Patrick County Farm Bureau has offered to put together an informative video for visitors to watch inside the Town’s “new” caboose.
The caboose commemorates the Danville & Western, or “Dick & Willie” railroad line that once stopped in Town. Kirkpatrick pointed out the train picked up hogs, chestnuts, lumber and apples. The farm bureau would like to include information about Patrick County’s long-standing agricultural heritage in the video.
We hope to have the caboose ready by July for the 75th anniversary of the last Dick & Willie trip to Stuart.

Terry Tilley discussed possibly planting heritage chestnut trees around the caboose. Kirkpatrick said the trees may require special permits. The Council agreed that the chestnut trees are in keeping with Stuart's history.

Rebecca Adcock will remain the Town of Stuart’s vice mayor. Adcock was nominated by councilman John “Mac” Deekens, who voted with councilman Terry Dalton and Mayor Weiland to confirm her appointment. Adcock abstained from voting. Councilmen H. Dean Goad and Leon Puckett were absent from the meeting.

Council members also approved a resolution for the five-year-update to the Hazard Mitigation Plan for the West Piedmont Planning District. Town Attorney Chris Corbett explained that federal law requires the plan be in place so that if a disaster happens, the town will be eligible for federal aid.

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