February 2017 Town Council Meeting

The Town Council was addressed by Ms. Lisa Martin of the Reynolds Homestead to discuss the possibility of painting murals in the Town of Stuart. More specifically, the retaining wall that runs along Main street in front of the old Alexander’s building. Vice Mayor Rebecca Adcock has been working with Ms. Martin in order to secure a state grants and local tourism dollars to paint the mural. The mural would be completed by local artists with a theme of “the simple life”. The Town Council gave their blessing to the project and look forward seeing this project completed. If this project goes well we may look at further art murals elsewhere in the town.

The Council was also addressed by Ms. Ellen Fulcher, she and some residents of Mayo Court were concerned with vultures roosting in the area and creating a nuisance. The town had been made aware of the vulture problem and contacted the local animal control officials. Those officials indicated that the vulture is a protected species and could not be legally killed or harmed. Their suggestion was to bother or irritate the birds until they leave the area alone. The Council indicated that we would help if possible but may be better left to animal control.

The sewer plant project and the Fire Department projects are still in the process of being drawn up and we do expect both of those projects to go to bid by this summer. The Fire Department project was being held up due to The Lane Group not having enough architects to handle their work load. The Lane Group intends to work with Roger Beasley (local architect) in order to hurry the project along. The Council was unanimously in favor of having Roger work on the project.

Following this discussion the Council voted to pay the bills and then adjourn.

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