August Town Council Meeting

The August Town Council Meeting was held on Wednesday August 16, 20017

Barbra Hazelwood and Candy Elliott came before the council to discuss a possible fund raiser to help the food bank and fuel assistance programs. The idea was to hold a fundraiser during the summer of 2018 and asked if the Town could help with printing flyers and letters. It was suggested that they tie their fundraiser to one or more of the existing yearly fundraisers that already donate to those causes so that they could combine their efforts. The council did agree to take the request under advisement and help out if they could.

Eddie Turner with the Lane Group engineering firm indicated that the planes for the sewer plant were not ready yet.

A motion was passed to allow the Mayor, Vice Mayor, or Town Manager and attorney to seek financial assistance from USDA for the SVFD building renovation. These Town officials would have the authorization to execute on behalf of the Town, documents including debt instruments and security instruments as may be required in obtaining said financial assistance from the USDA.

A motion was made and passed that specified that the Town and its officials adopt a resolution with the USDA a code of conduct that no employee, officer or agent of the Town of Stuart shall participate in the selection, award or administration of a contract supported by Rural Housing Service funds if a conflict of interest, real or apparent, would be involved.

With no further discussion the council voted to pay the bills and then adjourn.

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