May Town Council Meeting

Below are the Mayors Notes from the May Council Meeting on May 18th. The first business to attend to was the public hearing on the proposed 2016 – 2017 budget. The only comment came from Town Treasurer Susan Slate who mentioned that our health insurance… Continue reading

April Town Council Meeting

Our April Town Council Meeting was held on April 27th instead of the 20th due to a lack of a quorum of the Town Council members on the 20th. During the meeting on the 27th we discussed the town’s upcoming 2016-2017 budget. The proposed budget… Continue reading

Wood Brothers Fan Appreciation Day April 1st

Ryan Blaney will be at the Wood Brothers shop signing autographs from 6:30 to 9 pm.

March Town Council Meeting

We had only a few items to discuss during the March meeting. Terry Tilley said that the smoke testing of the sewer lines has been delayed and should begin by the end of this month. The next budget meeting will be held on March 24th… Continue reading